What’s the human impact
of global initiatives?

Here I Am. Managed self-filming around the world by people whose lives are at stake in the fight against AIDS, TB, and malaria. Stories and testimonials fuel a multi-platform advocacy campaign. Produced with NGO's, with foundation support.

How do social policies
affect people's lives?

Learn to Earn? A multimedia news series supported by a foundation. Personal journeys documented through professional and self-filming complement New York Times reporting.

Can individuals take on a complex social problem?

Dismantling the Poverty Trap. A foundation-supported non-profit commissions stories of regular people trying to change communities. Managed self-filming embodies and inspires personal initiative.

What does the public
really think?

Strange Bedfellows. Ordinary citizens on the politics and policies that affect them. Different views in a single frame: managed self-filming by red/blue couples brings home the political divide on WSJ.com.