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Cynthia Farrar - Founder, CEO, and executive producer

Cynthia leads the company and collaborates with John and Cinnamon to develop ideas and bring together platforms, funders, and partners. She has executive produced or produced many of the company's series, including Linking Learning to Life, Strange Bedfellows, Degrees of Difficulty, Learn to Earn, the Poverty Trap, and ConnCAT, and the 2008 election series. The idea for Purple States emerged from her work as a civic entrepreneur and scholar with a special interest in using the media to engage ordinary citizens as full partners in American democracy.

John Kennedy - Co-founder, Executive producer, and Producer

John plays a range of leadership and production roles, including executive production (On the Outside, Five Years Left, and our various projects with Open Society Foundations), global and domestic field production (On the Outside, World Without Walls, Primaries ’08, Degrees of Difficulty, the Farmers’ Film) and direction (Election ’08, Farmers’ Film). On the Outside was John’s idea. He has led our efforts to engage global nonprofits and corporations, and to build storytelling capacity (Yuri’s Story) John makes all the cold calls.

Cinnamon Kennedy - Co-founder, Producer, and Creative Director

Cinnamon originated many of Purple States’ innovations, including using remote and global self-filming as a new journalistic tool. She has pioneered the creation of focused, watchable, professionally edited self-filmed media. Cinnamon produced the ACT Foundation, 50/50/50, MDG and World Without Walls series, and The Farmers Film. She executive produced The Farmers’ Film. She edits virtually all the trailers and many of the self-filmed video series (including ACT Foundation, Here I Am Campaign, Strange Bedfellows, and ConnCAT), and advises on every aspect of design and the creative use of technology in new contexts.

Robinson Farrar - Webmaster

Robinson is a recent graduate of McGill University in Computer Science pursuing interests in games, philosophy, and design.

Production Partners

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