We bring to life what matters to individuals in their everyday lives

To anchor reporting in what’s at stake for different individuals and communities.
To explore how an issue shapes personal experience - and how people respond.
To give those affected by an organization’s work a chance to show what it means for them.
Health Reckonings
Why do zip codes predict how long we’ll live? Data-driven narratives produced with local communities equip health departments and advocates to call attention to the underlying causes of premature death. When COVID began, residents of the hardest-hit neighborhoods filmed their own life-expectancy disparity stories.

On the Outside
A firsthand look at life after prison. Why is it so hard to succeed on the outside? And how does the parole system influence the odds? Co-produced with DCTV, Frontline, and the New York Times. A case study probes documentary journalism’s influence on public understanding and public policy.

Strange Bedfellows
What does it take to sustain a red/blue union? The plight of five purple couples mirrors America’s: divided by politics, wedded to a shared future. This Wall Street Journal exclusive aired in 2009 — and resonates even more powerfully now.

Cultures and Health
How does culture shape how people define and pursue health? Fourteen personal stories produced with local partners reveal new and promising ways to reduce health disparities — by learning from and following the lead of cultural communities.

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